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Denise T. Armstrong

Waiting on the Well

40 x 30 inches

The Calling

I'll never cease to be amazed at how God enables the willing hearted. I come before Him with little to offer, but the desire to know Him better, and be an instrument of His affection. To step out in faith, and put the paintbrush to canvas, creating the small details of a much bigger picture.

The desire to paint stories from His Word came from Him to begin with, once I acknowledged and started the work His grace would take over. I then recieve greater inspiration which becomes the compelling force that further fuels my passion to paint.

When the work is complete I find myself overwhemed by just having been involved in something that is much greater than I could fully understand. To know that God has collaberated with me, allowed my hand to be His tool, His breathing the very life into the work, this is the greater experience. When the art is finished I pray that people who view the art will also connect with God and that they too will experience Him as they see His love for them through these windows of canvas. For myself, to serve Him in this way is a Blessing and I find this to be a true calling.