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Connie Backus-Yoder


Fabric Art Quilt
May 2007
5 ft by 7 ft wall-hanging

One of the members of our choir lost so much weight a few years ago that one day during the summer when the choir was downstairs with the rest of the congregation, she got up to go forward for the Eucharist. Well, the skirt didn't want to go with her because it didn't fit anymore, but thankfully she gathered it up around her waist and proceeded forward.

I loved the skirt and top and it was the work of another artist who even signed the shirt top. Then, when the choir began its rehearsals again, I overheard her saying that she was going to throw the outfit out and I cried in artistic desperation, "No, you can't do that, I can make a quilt out of it!!!" Thinking I would cut it apart for quilt blocks, needless to say, God had other ideas and I was able to use the whole outfit with my own quilt block design as a backdrop.

It is the Gospel in a nutshell - beautiful garment (us), now ruined (sin), is transformed into something of beauty by God's power (redemption)