Kathrin Burleson

Annie's Epiphany

Watercolor, 8x10 inches

Annie's Epiphany features my Corgi, Annie—a beloved and nearly constant companion for over twelve years. Over the years, she turned up in a lot of my paintings, as does the theme of Epiphany.

The word epiphany derives from the Greek and means the manifestation of a divine being, or a sudden leap of intuitive understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence. This can come to us at intense times in our life, whether of grief or joy, or can occur in the course of an otherwise ordinary day.

I did this watercolor when she was quite young, not thinking ahead to the time when it would represent her encounter with eternity. She, like so many of our beloved animals, was a source of comfort, and a reminder that the transcendent manifests in the mundane as well as the supernatural.