Mary Anne Carley

Altar Lilies

Watercolor and ink on rice paper
18 x 25.5 inches

We had not communicated in years. I sent a Christmas card saying “let’s get together.” His reply “next summer, I have a boat.” July he called. We went on Saturday, August 3, 2002. What fun, what joy! We sped around the lake, we "tubed," we laughed, we remembered. “We’ll do it again,” he said.

The next Sunday as I was leaving for church, a call came. “He was getting up, he collapsed, he died,” she said. Dazed, I still did go to church. “He’s dead,” I told them. We prayed. “Here, take these altar lilies,” they said. I put them on the kitchen counter, got out my paper, paints and ink and quickly got their rhythm and beauty while trying to intertwine my thoughts and feelings, while finding God in there somewhere too. Sadly we had waited too long, but what fun, what joy, a memory and a reminder of my brother, David Edward Groves, March 4, 1940 – August 11, 2002.