Carolyn Rice Dean

Small Gifts

March, 2009

I love the stories about Godís gifts being small in physical size but having great value or growing to be much larger or more important. The Pearl of Great Value and The Mustard Seed. I listen for Gods voice as a tiny whisper and see God in the smallest of human gestures. I find hope and transcendence in a tiny sip of wine and a small thin wafer.

When Iíve completed an art piece and feel that it is good, I still donít feel finished. I am already planning to try it again. Itís an ongoing quest for an unknown.

I hope my best work conveys a feeling. I donít concern myself with whether or not the viewer feels what I was trying to say. If I put it on display it is a gift. My feeling, hopefully, interacts with the viewer's own to create yet another feeling.