Linda Hunter

Elijah: The Gift of Prophecy

Mixed media: Monotype (printing ink) and acrylic paint
11x14 inches

Inspired by the story of Elijah, this work depicts the prophet after he calls down the fire from heaven and flees to Mount Horeb where he meets God not in earthquake, wind, or fire, but in a quiet voice.

Elijah’s story is about a very human man who uses his gift courageously. But it’s also a story about fear…the widow at Zarephath’s fear of hunger and want, the false prophets’ frantic fear of both failure and of their god, Elijah’s own fear of death at the hands of his enemies, and even Elijah’s successor, Elisha, fears losing a loved one and having to go it alone.

We live in a world torn apart by fear. What fears keep me from fully using my gifts in the service of Christ? Like Elijah, I need to stop and hear the voice that heals and gives me the courage to bring to others the love of Christ that casts out all fear.