Jerome Lawrence

Tulips are People IX

Acrylic on Canvas
October 2008
size 30 x 40 inches

I find beauty in both subject and process. I bargain with artistic elements in varying intensity, variety, placement and proportion then shift within styles as if choosing colors or shapes.

Gradations and all their sensations grab at our emotions, making them a useful tool in maximizing an artwork's impact on the viewer. But there is a place in our overly emotional heart that yields to reason. From that place I have come to understand beauty to exist in every imaginable thing. I do believe one manís trash is another manís treasure with the only difference being the perspective each takes. As with the proverbial glass of water, whether it is half full or half empty is an individual choice or errant belief; no decision has any effect on the actual level of water in the glass. Habits of thought and behavior become blinders that must be removed to see that life is both half full and half empty and when it is either, weíve decided so, because the level of life and water in the glass has never changed.

My purpose for creating a work of art is to celebrate beauty in those who see it and to persuade those who do not.