Anne Wetzel


Silver print
5-3/4 x 5-3/4 inches

Is my love for what I do, how I see the world around me, a gift that was given to me, or one that I developed in myself? Where did it come from, this gift of capturing on film what I see around me? It is very precious to me and something that is always there. I cannot explain it. Going through my work for this exhibition, I saw all of the images as gifts, and a gift that must be passed on to others. I have always chosen my gifts with great care because I have known the recipients. I get enormous joy in choosing and giving. But choosing one of my works and giving on to those I do not know, will never know or meet face to face is very different. There is great excitement and wonder in choosing and sending a gift out into space and never seeing the faces of those who receive it. This gift that was given to me, I will keep passing on to others.