Christine Wise

Give Us This Day

12 x 24 inches

In 2002, my daughter bought me a box of used paints at a yard sale. I had no clue what to do with them, and she told me “well learn, I spent twenty bucks!”

I’ve been painting steadily ever since. In December of 2007, I went on a mission trip to Thailand, to smuggle Bibles into China, Laos, and Vietnam, and take supplies to orphanages in Nepal. I was distressed at the harsh attitude of the group towards the worship customs of the people in other countries. When I returned home, I felt compelled to paint "The Prayers of The People," a collection of images honoring other cultures and traditions in prayer.

“Give Us This Day,” was painted to honor the silent prayers of our homeless. Our daily bread is just that, a daily gift from a loving God who knows our needs, and asks that we share the gifts he gives us.