Judith McManis



From the Stuff of the Stars

Dossal, Chasuble (Stole, Burse & Veil, not pictured)

for St. John's, Waterbury, CT - Epiphany, 2009.

Dossal is 20' by 10'. All is sewn construction.


Epiphany falls between the excitement of Christmas and the soberness of Ash Wednesday. In this wintry, night-sky, star-lit time of year we greet the coming of far-away travelers, contemplating the immensity of a universe that proclaims the power of God throughout the heavens for all to see.

On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded, “From dust you are made and to dust you will return.” As humbling a thought as that is, I am also reminded that the Creator-God doesn’t work with inferior materials; the dust I am made from is the same dust as the stuff of the stars, full of energy and promise.

We are Star-dust, beloved of God, having the swirling energy of the heavens poured out on us for our benefit.