Exhibition Lead Image, seen above:
"The Humble Servant" by
Roger M. Beattie



List of Artists

Roger M. Beattie

Kathy Bozzuti-Jones 1, 2, 3

Kathrin Burleson

Shin-hee Chin

Sheila M. Conner

Veryle Lynn Cox

Barbara Desrosiers 1, 2

Scott Fisher 1, 2, 3

Gary Gorby

Lucy Janjigian

C. Robin Janning 1, 2

Roberta Karstetter

Chuck Kirchner

James A. Mangum

Loretta Matson

Judith McManis 1, 2

Barbara Mitchell

Mary Jane Oliver

David Orth

Zachary Roesemann 1, 2

Sommer Roman 1, 2

RaRa Schlitt 1, 2

Nancy Stoller

Diane Walker 1, 2

Jim Wroten

Christ bids us follow.  Those who try to save their
lives will lose it, but those who lose their life…
who follow after me, will find it.

Having traced the shape of our mortality, fallibilities, and fumblings—of both our failed attempts at self-sufficiency and ego-mind habits which alienate and drain, we recognize the truth of Christ’s summons. And so we dare enter the journey, humbly putting on his story as our own as we did at our baptisms.

We hand ourselves over as Christ handed himself over. Like seed falling into pitch black Iowa dirt, we dare to relinquish as Christ relinquished. We trust new life will rise from all this dying down. We imitate his self-surrender to God as the shell casing of our surface level self cracks open disclosing our deeper Self—the fullness of God (Eph 3:19), and the radiant Risen One abiding within (John 15:4). Following Paul’s wisdom that we  put on the mind of Christ, we become more deeply aware of our precious One-ing with the One in whose image we are made.

We are called to relinquish and live from that awareness of the Eternal, not only beyond, but also in us. And all—to revere and serve God in all. To live less opaquely. To cultivate an Incarnational lens for glimpsing the One in the many, who links our lives like beads on a string of love.   

May these profound images of such Recognition and Return serve as a mirror of identity for your journey through the purgative, illuminating, and unitive Way—this Lent, and always.

Deep peace,

The Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel+
Chaplain of Cornell College &
Assoc. Priest, Trinity Episcopal—Iowa City, Iowa

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