Shin-hee Chin



Dawn and Dusk
Cotton, linen thread two-sided panel
(front & back shown)
18 by 54 inches


Through my work, which consists of two sides with contrasting colors, I attempt to visualize the Christian journey for sacredness through constant transformation in our daily lives. These two images also symbolize the two aspects of Christian life: as ones who are in the world but do not belong to it. By juxtaposing these pieces, I try to illustrate the Christian endeavor to reconcile the seemingly conflicting nature of their existence.


The side with the cool color represents the spiritual aspect of Christian life. Through the blue color, I try to express the stream of mercy from above and spiritual renewal through baptism. The varying shapes of circle, reminiscent of manna, are used to express God’s provision, “the splendor and spark of Spiritus,” and spiritual void that can be filled only by God.


The side with warm color tone shows the mundane aspect of Christian life: dedicated lives to glorify God by putting our belief into action in the world. Through this work, two-in-one, I strive to envision an ordinary Christian who embarks on a new journey of rediscovery of self in God and rededication of one’s life.