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Wisdom of God   Anne Wetzel, Curator    presented June 20, 2006



The Ethiopian Gospel

by The Rev. Nancy Mills
(Oil crayon on canvas board, 2006, 18" x 24")
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church - Thomasville, GA


The immediate influence for this study is a series of wonderfully fresh images I saw in a collection of Ethiopian Icons. I find the directness of approach and free abstract quality intriguing and hope to do larger works after this example. As we grow into a world-side, multi-cultural understanding of our Christian faith I can see an intentional use of visual image to facilitate an exchange of theological viewpoints.
Born in Philadelphia, I attended the Moore College of Art for Women and the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, now called the University of the Arts, with painting as my major study. After moving to the South I have Exhibited nationally and internationally and have had gallery representation in Atlanta, New Orleans and Baton Rouge among other cities. My work hangs in public, corporate and private museums along with pieces in Community Arts collections.
After more or less successfully pursuing a career as an artist, I answered a call to the priesthood and am now serving in two parishes in the Diocese of Georgia. My studio is located in the Vicarage of The Church of the Good Shepherd in Thomasville, Georgia.
I am now engaged with intentionally integrating my art work more fully into parish ministry. Occasionally I have used one of my paintings to illustrate a point in a sermon and have developed Quiet Day meditations around some of my artwork.


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