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Art/ Community/Story

The Parish of
the Holy Communion

P.O. Box 177
Glendale Springs, NC 28629
(336) 982-3076

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
N.C. Highway 194
West Jefferson, NC 28694

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
120 Glendale School Road (N.C. Highway 16)
Glendale Springs, NC 28629
Rev. Stephen A. Miller – Rector
Rev. Shirley Long – Deacon


Glendale Springs, NC
Kirkland, Washington
Linville, NC
New Haven, CT
Ojai, CA
Olney, MD
Opelika, AL
Orleans, MA
Oshkosh, WI
Provincetown, MA
Salem, OR
Sherwood, TN
Toledo, OR
Washington, DC
Wrangell, AK

When "The Lord’s Supper" fresco was created at Holy Trinity, Ben Long painted a white object at the top of the fresco that he called the point of mystery. He left it to the viewer to determine the meaning of this object. During a visit by a group of 4-H children, the docent asked the children what they thought the object represented. One young boy, lying on his back and looking up at the fresco, without hesitation answered: that’s God looking down on us.


Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

Since the completion of "The Lord’s Supper", a new chapel has been added in the basement. The Chapel of Christ the King takes its name from a large mosaic created by architectural sculptor John Early in 1920 and given to the church by a visitor. Also in the basement chapel is the fresco "The Departure of Christ" by Ben Long student, Jeffrey Mims, painted in 1984 as a memorial gift.

St. Mary’s and Holy Trinity remain active today but alternate worship services between the churches monthly. As delighted as members were to have such beautiful works of art in their small simple churches, they and their fellow residents were not fully prepared for what followed.

Since their completion, the frescoes have drawn thousands of visitors each year to this quiet corner of North Carolina. A Ministry of the Frescoes has been established and parish members are trained as docents to assist the many visitors. The community, as well as the churches, has enjoyed a revitalization.



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Story by Dan Hardison. Photos by Fred Carey and Dan Hardison.

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