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St. John's Episcopal Church
Kirkland, Washington

Rev. Donald Mackay, Rector

Diocese of Olympia


Glendale Springs, NC
Kirkland, WA
Linville, NC
New Haven, CT
Ojai, CA
Olney, MD
Opelika, AL
Orleans, MA
Oshkosh, WI
Provincetown, MA
Salem, OR
Sherwood, TN
Toledo, OR
Washington, DC
St. Phillips, Wrangell

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The swirling movements in the glass panels of The Sacraments stained glass window at St. John's Episcopal Church in Kirkland, Washington are meant to convey the movement of God in our lives. The five-part window was uniquely designed by the priest of the parish in the 1980's, the Rev. Robert Dunn who was a commercial artist before ordination. His talents, combined with the talents of glass artist Mimi Iwami, produced a beautiful work which includes the major symbols of Baptism and Holy Eucharist. The window was a gift of Manson and Frances Backus and family in memory of son, Stephen. When the church suffered a devastating fire in the spring of 2000,  the windows were far enough from the severely damaged part of the church complex to be safe.

Twenty-five needlepoint kneelers for the altar railing depicting Christian symbols were also designed by Rev. Dunn. A group of church members got together, each one taking pattern instructions and colors of yarn Rev. Dunn chose and each individually making a cushion. The cushions are signed with the initials of each stitcher.

Text: Anne Payne, church historian. Photographs: Colleen Meacham.

    © 2002 The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts