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Colleen Meacham

In flowers and plants I see life – the beauty of birth, living and death – the profound essence of creation and renewal. In the series “Florae”, I make images not to document, but to create a unique connection with nature and God, while celebrating photography and the black and white print.

There is a rich history of photographers of plants. One of my first recollections of photography as art is the botanical imagery of Imogen Cunningham. Seeing an exhibit of her photographs years ago began my passion for black and white photography.

A balance of pictorial representation and abstraction is what fascinates me about making images of flowers and other natural subjects, while at the same time affording the reflection peace.

Colleen Meacham

email: c.meacham@gte.net
web: www.colleenmeacham.com



Crossed Callas
silver gelatin print
image size 15" x 12"


Japanese Anemone
silver gelatin print
image size 15" x 12"

silver gelatin print
image size 15" x 12"



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