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Mary Melikian

When I was a student in college and art school, I became acquainted with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. We would meet in small groups on campus for prayer and Bible Study. The focus was on discipleship. There was great emphasis on “The Quiet Time” when each of us would meditate alone – an act of entering into that secret place where a true fellowship with God and active listening would follow. That was a more gentle time, and the age of the computers had not set in.

Today, as I start my morning, I have my “Quiet Time” at the computer. I pray and paint at the computer. It is my insistence on creativity no matter how – so I listen actively again and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in all truth. I pray that I will be a good servant of my Lord, Jesus Christ, an obedient disciple, a person who not only can make beautiful art, but can touch people with the Beauty and Love of Christ.

I pray the Holy Spirit will put the wind in my sails and move me into joyful service.

I was inspired by a visit to Giverny, the home of Monet. The broken colors relate to the brokenness of our lives, but when they are put together by the Master's hand, there is a magnificent wholeness.

New Day
With “The Quiet Time” every morning, there is newness of life for "New Every Morning is the Love". Therefore, I pray that I will walk in His ways all the days of my life.

Mary Melikian

email: marymelikian@earthlink.net



Computer image
5" x 7"

Computer Image
5" x 7"

New Day
Computer Image
5" x 7"



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