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Amy Real Coultas

acrylics on canvas; wire; thread

9.5"x 31"

Lent, 2001

This wallhanging explores the relationship between the seasons of Lent and Pentecost. Our observance of Lent allows us to be intimately involved in the process of self-examination and repentance, believing that by our eager meditation God will create in us a new heart. And so, on Easter we are reborn through Christ. It is easy to see and feel the renewal--flowers, Alleluias, Victory! We see the revelation of the glory of God in the face of the Risen Christ. Unfortunately, we often leave it there. We forget that not only do we have the risen Son of Easter to redeem us, but we have the light of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost to sustain us daily. As we turn form the inwardness of Lent, the Holy Spirit is there to keep us steadfast in our faith and worship. If Lent is about understanding, Pentecost should be about doing.

The colors of this piece reflect the movement through the seasons. We travel through the dark purple of Lent and the deep red of Whitsunday into the light of the Holy Spirit. The doves are a two-fold symbol--their blackness represents our sin, while the flight of the bird reflects the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. The words (made of thread-wrapped wire bent by hand into text and stitched onto the surface) are those of our Prayer of Confession, which we express regardless of season, as we continualy work to love God with our whole heart and our neighbors as ourselves.

©2001 The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts