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Victor Challenor and Paul Woodrum

Amy Real Coultas

St. Christopher's

Bryan Paatz

Nancy Chinn

Ardell Nelson

Sara Waterbury

Barbara Baumgarten

Jacquie Binns
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Pamela Perry

Ellen Quigley
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Carol Webb
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Alison Vogel

Mary Ann Breisch

Victor Challenor and
Paul Woodrum
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Bryan Paatz
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Judith Peacock
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Zenette Wilks
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Eliza Linley
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Advent Wings

Eliza Linley 1 | 2

hand-dyed silk

each banner approximately 3'x7'

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago

Half of each pair of wings hangs to either side of the congregation for the four weeks of Advent, making the people in the center into the angeloi – winged messengers of the Word. This is an opportunity we have, a role that is ours for the taking. In the rush that comes before Christmas, it's an opportunity all too easily lost.

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