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Victor Challenor and Paul Woodrum

Amy Real Coultas

St. Christopher's

Bryan Paatz

Nancy Chinn

Ardell Nelson

Sara Waterbury

Barbara Baumgarten

Jacquie Binns
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Pamela Perry

Ellen Quigley
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Carol Webb
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Alison Vogel

Mary Ann Breisch

Victor Challenor and
Paul Woodrum
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Bryan Paatz
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Judith Peacock
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Zenette Wilks
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Eliza Linley
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Light Transformed and Transforming (Cope)

Judith Peacock 1 |2 |3 |4 |5

layers of reflective translucent fabrics on a ground of pale terracotta silk with complementary directional machine and hand stitching

St Mary's Church, Putney, London, UK


This helical design (site specific) seeks to capture the ephemeral and elusive qualities of light. Most specifically, it echoes the way in which bright sunlight traverses a particular stained-glass roundel and is transformed on its journey into coloured shafts. In turn, these shafts seem to transform the appearance and mood of all that they encounter.

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