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Victor Challenor and Paul Woodrum

Amy Real Coultas

St. Christopher's

Bryan Paatz

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Victor Challenor and
Paul Woodrum
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Bryan Paatz
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Eliza Linley
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Lenten Prayer Cloth – front and back

Ellen Quigley 1 | 2


20" x 24"

private collection

The inspiration for these prayer cloths came from my Spiritual Director who places a piece of fabric on the table between herself and her directee. She then places a candle and an icon or a picture of a saint on the fabric. This practice creates a prayerful atmosphere and provides a common holy ground for prayers to meet. I was commissioned to create a series of prayer cloths specific to the liturgical seasons.

The Lenten Prayer Cloth represents Lent as both a time of taking away as well as adding on. The colors and design represent the actions of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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