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Six scrolls for Lent

Sara Waterbury

acrylic on polyester

360" x 65"


James Chapel, Union Theological Seminary

The scrolls are the record of the journey taken with the Lenten Season and Holy Week in the mind of the painter. In this journey the process is the choices to be made, The route is known in general but is not specific. In it are risks and discoveries. The sensibilities build through alertness to the experience and the possibilities. There are interruptions and snags as well as surprises. The open expanse offers relief from the tight and complex places in the scrolls. The work is fueled by ego and the persistence of Truth. The spirit soars and the body grounds. This is the creative process. It reflects and responds to life. It is built from traditions, history and skills. It must step out of itself and make its own statement. In doing this it becomes everybody's statement. Places of worship seem right for the size and spirit of the scrolls.

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