Behold All Things New

visual art in response to issues of concern


Sculpture, Gurdon Brewster

My bronze sculptures are cast using the lost wax process. The ancient process requires many steps and is very labor intensive. Each piece moves from the clay or plasticine with which I work, through the mold and wax phases to the pouring of the molten bronze, and the painstaking grinding and finishing to the final application of the patina. I retain the mold of the original bronzes so I am able to reproduce additional sculptures upon request.

In a sense I am still beside the Clay Pond, in the middle of the Great Swamp. I never did find my way out. I still grope through the bog of my existence and follow my hands towards the blue clay of hope and creativity. I am living on the exhilaration of those boyhood times, when the days were sunny, blue clay was within a long arm’s reach and the created object was filled with iconic power and wonder.

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