Behold All Things New

visual art in response to issues of concern

The work of the artist invites each of us into deeper communion with Christ through the eyes of another.

Comfort O Comfort My People
Sculpture, Gurdon Brewster

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Behold All Things New is the sixteenth exhibition sponsored by the Episcopal Church and Visual Arts. For this exhibition, the curator Rev. Gurdon Brewster was most interested in how artists have been influenced by the politics and social climate of contemporary life, the suffering of our world and the judgment and hope of our faith.

As you page through the images here, a rich tableau of life experience, age and geography becomes quickly apparent. Consider this: each of the fifteen visual artists exhibiting in Behold All Things New create with a distinctive voice. Through their work we, the viewers, are offered an authentic bridge to deeper communion with Christ.

Mel Ahlborn
Chairman, The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts
The Feast of the Epiphany 2005

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