Behold All Things New

visual art in response to issues of concern

Live Free or Die

Painting, Eileen Kennedy

Oil on Canvas, 22" x 30"

My work is informed by a combination of memory, feelings and notions of how things work in the world today, rather than specific events.

Live Free or Die was inspired (precipitated might be a better word) by what seems to be a growing trend by some Americans to force a specific way of being on others in the world. I realized how different the words of the legendary cry of the American Revolution become when recast as a command to others rather than a rallying cry for ourselves.

I think American Wedding speaks for itself to anyone who has experienced the frenetic hoopla of planning, being in, or attending a wedding, and the difficulties of contemporary marriage today. I painted this well before my divorce.

Eileen Kennedy  

© 2005 The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts