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Messenger of Hope

Sculpture, Dorothy Robbins Kennedy

Bronze, 28.25"h x 18.5"w x 29.75"d, 2003, Edition of 25

Commissioned for the Trinity Episcopal Church (Longview, TX) Memorial Garden where people could view the angel and find a sense of peace from the Messenger of Hope.

I have been involved in the applied arts of watercolors and pastels all of my life. Twenty five years ago I made my first bronze which was an abstract. I began studying the art of sculpting with some of the most renowned sculptors in the United States. I have been sculpting professionally for the last seven years with works ranging from small bronzes to life-size displayed in both private collections and public places. Specializing in portraiture, I am able to capture likeness and inner personality within each subject. The Messenger of Hope however is a spiritual ideal rather than a particular, familiar person among us. Sculpting is my passion and truly an inspiration from God.

Dorothy Robbins Kennedy dkennedy@cablelynx.com

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