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God Is

Batik, Mary Jane Keys

While driving on I-465 around the city of Indianapolis two years ago, I came upon a car with the license plate GOD IS. I thought to myself "that driver isn't afraid to proclaim his faith in a bold manner!"

My faith has always been a very personal thing to me, and within the Episcopal Church I have felt free to question, explore, and think for myself. In our present day society where division and intolerance for the views and opinions of others is rampant, I feel it is extremely important to respect and allow for individual differences. God didn't say, "Love they neighbor as thyself, but only if he is the same as you."

How would I distill my statement of faith on a license plate? I AM, because over the years I have come to believe that there is a spark of the divine within each one of us, and we are put on this earth for a purpose. I think God intended us to search for the divine within all those we come in contact with, and it's only through caring and compassion for others that we can ever hope to fulfill that purpose.

Mary Jane Keys
13106 Brooks Landing Place
Carmel, IN 46033

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