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The Fog Finally Lifted

Watercolor, Ellen Langford

October 9, 2004

Having just returned from the wildness of northern Maine, I am glad to offer these images to a show addressing creation.

From log cabins without electricity or running water we emerged each morning, a group of artists intent on recording the glories of God’s world through the humble awkward medium of watercolor. We didn’t know one another from Eve upon our arrival, but through our common love of painting and the outdoors, we created family.

One member of the group shared my identity as a third year EFM student, though we live thousands of miles apart. As far as these three paintings: “The Fog Finally Lifted” is of Mt. Katahdin. We had been ferried across the lake, then hiked into this rocky pond in the thick morning fog, setting up easels in the boggy edges of the water, saw three moose across the pond, and were eventually rewarded by the clearing of the heavens and the appearance of the mountain.

“Jack, the White Mule” was one of the pack mules living in the lower pasture of the wilderness camp. He helped pack our paints out one day but mostly preferred being fed the wild growing apples and being scratched behind his ears.

“Denise Harvesting Wild Cranberries”: The second full day of painting we found ourselves setting up easels in the very marshy surroundings of another pond under Mt. Katahdin. Denise, the only non-painter with us, harvested wild cranberries, her pants rolled up to her knees and barefoot in the chilly October wind. The taste of just picked cranberries was a delightful surprise to all of us. Every minute of it, the world was created anew. These are some of my humble recordings.

Ellen Langford


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