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visual art in response to issues of concern

God's Cathedral

Digital Photography, Barbi Tinder

5" x 7", October 2004

I am blessed to live in a rural setting where I am aware of God's presence on a daily basis. Often what I see brings to mind a phrase from the bible, prayer book or a line from a hymn.

God's Cathedral
Looking up into the pines is like looking at the dramatic ceilings of one of the great cathedrals with the stained glass windows filtering the light. "there's a sweet, sweet spirit in this place..."

The Peace of the Lord be Always With You
Just as a parent wraps their arms around a child to let them know they are protected, so the rainbow wraps around the light as a reminder of God's promise to us. "ubi caritas"

My Rock
The rock reminds me of the Episcopal Church. It has been weathered through the years and now has great character. some of our differences create ridges and crevices that cause some separations. The rock itself is still whole just as we are still one faith. it's appearance has changed through the years as "storms" have been weathered. we change and gain "character as we weather "life's storms." "upon this rock..."

"This is my fathers world,
and to my listening ears,
all nature sings and round me rings
the music of the spheres."

Barbi Tinder

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