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Curator's Corner




Nativity Stole{im



Nativity Stole

Paul Woodrum

silk appliqué and gilded leather on gold worsted silk

55" x 4"


Kurt Weitzmann, in his introduction to The Icon writes that "from the very beginning the icon was not limited to a particular medium" and cites a reference to a 7th century tapestry icon of the Virgin Enthroned, now in the Cleveland Museum.

Emboldened by Weitzman's comments about textile icons, Victor and I have sought to interpret the icon in fabric both in banners and vestments. We understand our work itself to be an act of prayer which draws its beholders through the liturgy into the mystery of creation, incarnation, and redemption.

This stole is designed after a 13th century icon painted by a Venetian artist working at Sinai. On the wearer's right is the Angel of the Annunciation to the Shepherds, the Three Magi, and Joseph wondering how he got into all this. On the wearer's left is the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the infant Jesus adored by shepherds, ox, and sheep.



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