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Curator's Corner




Christ of the Sinai{



Christ of the Sinai

Debra Hile

acrylic on wood panel

8 1/4" x 15 1/2"

I became enthralled with icons the year I began working on my Master's degree while continuing to teach full-time. With my hectic schedule, my mind was awhirl, and I had difficulty slowing down and being able to focus when it came time for prayer. Then I borrowed an icon from my friend and iconographer Dr. Elizabeth Hudgins. I discovered that by gazing at the icon I could leave behind the busyness of teaching school and going to school and become centered and still as I rested and delighted in the Presence of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In time, I started painting icons with Elizabeth and discovered an even deeper level of quiet prayer.

As I gaze at Christ of the Sinai and see the mixing of judgment–with the book of the Law and severe face–and mercy–the hand of blessing and softer face, I let Christ enter in standing in awe of His holiness and rejoicing in His mercy and salvation.

Words fall short for using icons to pray because after the initial thought of a particular icon I contemplate God in silence, a place without words, just being with my Creator, Lord, and Love.



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