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Curator's Corner







Mother Of God

Maura Lynch

collage, oil on paper,and gold leaf

10" x12"


This icon, part of a series, is a tribute to the Masters and was inspired by a recent trip to Italy. The oil painting backdrop is a Tuscan-inspired landscape. The Madonna featured is Raccomandtiís "Our Lady," which hangs in the Cathedral in Orvieto. The decoupage flowers and insects are spiritual symbols representing Mother Nature.

On a recent trip to Italy I was energized and delighted to see the abundance of religious art and how imporant it is to the culture and history of the country. Art is everywhere! Italian icons are a common sight on street corners and window sills, museum walls and mantel pieces. Little altars are everywhere ‚ launching sites for whispered "please and thank youís" ‚ tributes and supplications.

I have always been drawn to icons, particularly those that feature Mary. "Madonna and child" is a relationship and theme that has moved me for most of my life. I can relate to Mary ‚ the feminine, the mother -- and can connect to Jesus through that relationship. In our house there are little altars everywhere ‚ collections of snapshots, quotes and notes, prayers, feathers and stories ‚ visual reminders of how blessed I am and how grateful. Votive candles lit at the icon site hold people and concerns "in the light" and are, in themselves, an ongoing form of prayer.



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