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Mel Ahlborn
Carol Boarman
Mary Boscher
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Elizabeth Hudgins
Maura Lynch
Patricia Resmondo
Lucretia Robbins
Johnny Ross
Lynn Runnells
Suzanne Schleck
Ann Sohm
John Walsted
Zenette Wilks
Paul Woodrum
Suzanne Zoole

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Ann Trinita Sohm

egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel

18" x 21", 10" x 21"

1999, 2000

These three icons are part of a set of five called a Deesis. Deesis means "intercession," "prayer," "adoration." The Christ in Glory is the central icon of a minimum of three, where the Supplicating Theotokos flanks Him on His right and Archangel Gabriel on His left.



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