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Sandra Bowden
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Jeanette Mustacich
Michael Noyes
Roy Parker
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Laura Smith
Susan Kelly vonMedicus
Phil Watchko
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Sandra Bowden


Sandra Bowden

In the Beginning Was the Word

Collagraph and embossing

30" x 18"

"In the beginning God created", a quote from the first chapter of Genesis is the central focus of this print. An embossing in Greek surrounds the Hebrew text as it further proclaims that "in the beginning was the Word". John 1:1

Al Principio solo existia la Palabra

"Al principio Dios creo", Esta cita del primer capitulo del Genesis es el enfoque central de esta impresion. Un relieve gravado en Griego rodea el texto Hebreo en la proclama "Al principio solo existia la Palabra". Juan 1:1.


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