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Sandra Bowden
Simon Carr
Inga Dubay
Elizabeth Foster
Beverly Hettig
Jeanette Mustacich
Michael Noyes
Roy Parker
Lesli Pepper
Laura Smith
Susan Kelly vonMedicus
Phil Watchko
Amelia Whaley
Curator's Corner
Mel Ahlborn



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Curator's Statement

Scribes have worked in service to the Word since the dawn of Christianity. Handwritten texts survive on fragments of papyrus and animal hide, glimpses of how oral tradition evolved into written record.

Then as now, scribes were copyists, not authors. Texts were copied from one papyrus scroll to another, or onto codex pages of vellum bound between wooden boards.

Calligraphers today burst through cover and spine. Their art and artistry is evident here, in "Illuminating the Word". This group of illuminators, book artists and calligraphers uses a variety of techinique and media. Embossed panels (Sandra Bowden), collage (Jeanette Mustacich), and traditional letterpress (Laura Smith) are but a few of the new expressions given to historical art form.

These 13 modern scribes are exhibiting their visible response to Biblical or liturgical text. In this exhibit you will see each artist weaving sacred words into their art.

Three of the many languages read within the Episcopal Church were represented in submissions to "Illuminating the Word" : English, Greek, and Hebrew. With several other languages read and spoken within Episcopal congregations, our future looks towards showcasing a more diverse body of work.

As curator, I invite you to look and to linger. I hope that in lingering you will uncover the source of each artist's inspiration. The craft of the scribe does not always reveal itself to mere glance.

Mel Ahlborn


    ©2002 The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts