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A great king above all gods
Gelatin silver print, March 2004
7" x 5"


Frank Logue

This photo taken at the Temple of Philae in Egypt shows a Christian cross carved into what had been a pagan temple. Christians took over the building dedicated to false gods and made it their own. As I took the photo and since, it reminded me that the story of our Christian faith is not told in a vacuum. It is the story we use to make sense of the story of our lives, but we do so against a background of competing stories. In Morning prayer, we recite the Venite, Psalm 95 verses 1 through 7, which says in part, "For the Lord is a great God and a great King above all gods."

Our Christian worship remains to our present day not as something without competition, but takes place against a background of other gods demanding our attention and reverence. Our faith in Jesus calls us to carve out space reserved for other gods, the other things we put before the one true God, and open up that space to our Lord.


Frank Logue is an Episcopal priest and church planter who previously
worked as a professional photographer. Visual arts continue to be connected
to his experience of the Christian faith.

The Rev. Frank Logue
Email: frank@kingofpeace.org
Web site: www.planetanimals.com/logue/

Parish: King of Peace Episcopal Church - Kingsland, Georgia

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