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Sandra Bowden
Ned Bustard
Patricia Dalzell
Ioana Datcu
Thomas Faulkner

Donald Forsythe
Gary Gorby
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Bryan Hiott
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Frank Logue
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Jan Neal
Albert Pedulla
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Krystyna Sanderson


Jan Neal image



Jan Neal

digital photography
5" x 6.7"

When I was a child my vision of God was light streaming through a cloud. Every time I saw light pouring through a cloud I thought that I was seeing God. To this day dramatic visions of light pouring through the darkness make me feel the presence of God like no other experience. In that respect, what a gift my church windows are for me on Wednesday nights when the late afternoon summer light pours through those lavender windows into the walnut paneled nave. I sit on the pew behind the one highlighted in Sanctus and marvel at my good fortune to be visited by such beauty. It is a place and an emotion set apart, truly holy. I think of this light every time I recite the Nicene Creed and say the words "Light from Light."



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