Dawn of the East Root of Jesse O Sapentia
O Adonai O Radix Jesse O Clavis David O Oriens ) Rex Gentium
O Emmanuel God Speaks Mandala: Jesse's Tree Aaronic Blessing O King of the Gentiles
Light Eternal O Dayspring O Wisdom O Root of Jesse O Adonai O Key of David
Emmanuel The Light Shines Forth Flame of Wisdom Jesus the Cornerstone Flame of Redemption
Ensign to All Peoples Sun of Justice Light of the World for All O Wisdom O Lord and Ruler O Root of Jesse
O Key of David O Dawn of the East King of the Gentiles O Emmanuel The Holy Trinity Mary of the Burning Bush
O Dawn of the East ICXC with Four Gospel Books Christ teaches Come Save Us
Wood cut O Oriens Choirbook Widsom

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Shin-hee Chin
Marilyn Dale
The Rev.Judith A. Davis, PhD
Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG
Linda Witte Henke
Linda Hunter
The Illuminators, Episcopal Church of St. Mary’s, Phoenix
Sr. Claire Joy, CHS
Brian R. Lindsay
Jeanelle McCall
Mary Jane Miller
Fr. Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga Steele
The Rev. Karl Stevens
Kathy Thaden
Jeanne Harris Weaver

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