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  Stanza Thirteen
Gouache on paper, 2004
7" X 5"

Jim Zingarelli

The Stanza Series proceeded out of a desire to suggest the substance of language without actually using letters or numerical forms while simultaneously alluding to them. The Italian word "stanza" means "room" and there are a host of these rooms here suggesting events as miraculous as the everyday. The Spirit's presence among us "speaks" through the breath of daily patterns and it is a language we hear but find difficulty to parse: it is entirely abstract and entirely concrete, wholly borne of the spirit and of the flesh, the assurance of the comforter and the mighty wind reminding us that God is indeed present.

Professor of Art, Gordon College, BFA: Pratt Institute, MA: Trinity College, Hartford, CT. Exhibited nationally and internationally sculpture and painting. Teaching stone carving also in Orvieto, Italy and The Carving Studio in West Rutland, VT.

Jim Zingarelli
email: jzingarelli@gordon.edu





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