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Curator's Introduction

Noyes Capehart's woodcuts depict fourteen Stations of the Cross. They are traditional in that they visually "narrate" specific scenes from Jesus's passion and death with individuals shown in the contemporary dress of the day. They are installed in the Church of the Holy Cross in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Throughout the centuries many worshippers have found representational images necessary as they meditate on the various scenes. Seeing Jesus as fully human helped in understanding and feeling the full human agony of the sacrifice; seeing his tormentors as human beings like themselves underscored their own sinfulness and need for forgiveness. Today, many people still need to see the various scenes portrayed as realistic narratives of events. Through the process of meditation, using and then transcending the here and now of the senses, the worshipper moves beyond simply understanding the story line into an actual awareness of God's presence.

Artist Information

From October 2001 to February 2002, Noyes Capehart executed a series of fourteen original woodcuts depicting the Stations of the Cross. This framed suite of prints was formally installed in The Church of the Holy Cross February 9 and 10, 2002. The format of each print measures 14 "(w) x 17" (h).

The Church of the Holy Cross is located in Valle Crucis, North Carolina in the Diocese of Western North Carolina.

During the weeks of Lent the rector of Holy Cross, Fr. John Zellner, uses the woodcuts in the Adult Christian Education class. He speaks about the liturgical pertinence of the woodcuts, reflections that are usually followed by group questions and/or participation. On Good Friday, the images are used in association with the liturgy .

Noyes Capehart Long and his wife Suzanne have been members of Holy Cross Church since 1997. Noyes is a licensed lay reader and chalice bearer and has served on the Vestry. He also serves as the chairperson for the Towel Ministry of Holy Cross Church.

Noyes, who uses his middle name, Capehart, for his art, taught studio art at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, from 1969 until his retirement in 1997. (Prior to coming to Boone he taught at the University of Mississippi and the University of Missouri.) Noyes now works full time on his art and writing.

E-mail is capehart@bellsouth.net.

For additional works by Noyes Capehart please go to www.capehart.org


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