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Curator's Introduction

Barbara Desrosiers' work is a digital collage derived from a set of pastel Stations she created in the mid 1990's. This image, though focusing on recognizable human forms, is an abstraction of previously rendered images. As with John Moody's work, its goal is to lead you into meditation so that by recalling the narratives of the Way of the Cross you can experience God anew.

Artist Information

The path to Barbara's acceptance of the role of artist has been marked by many unusual road signs. Visitations in dreams and nagging urges of her inner voice finally succeeded in sending Barbara to art school after years of ignoring those needs in favor of family needs. Until then her work as an artist was merely a small concession to self-expression. It was a dream which led her to return to school for formal study in the field.

Trained in the fine arts at the University of Rhode Island, Barbara has also studied informally in art communities all over the world. Her work has always been impacted by her faith as well as her surroundings. A strong relationship with God and her continuous search to understand His presence in the world around her inform and inspire her work, leading her to design pieces which are exploratory in nature while they strive to explain her relationship to creation. In other words, she can't decide what medium she wants to work in when she grows up.

Her marriage to an active duty military chaplain has allowed her to live and work in New England, Taiwan, Midwest America, the southern United States, Germany, So. Korea, and now the Washington DC area. Born in New Jersey, she began painting at the age of eleven, but didn't grasp the import of that drive until she was in her third decade. The siren call of spirituality and art still drives her to continue to mature in her work and study.

In addition to her mixed media work, she also designs bulletin covers for the chapel services on whatever base she happens to live. She crosses over into computer art frequently and many of her works bounce from drawing board to computer and back to painted panel. A photo junkie, she also devotes much time to the artistic use of camera images in her work. At other times her artistic expressions take the form of the written word.

She is available for private commission and her work is available for show and sale to anyone interested.



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Curator’s Corner


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