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Curator's Introduction

The subject of Erin McGee Ferrell's paintings comes directly from her own personal life experiences. Another major direction for art in the twentieth century has its roots in the advent of the discipline of psychology. People in the First World had the advantage of time and money beyond that used for mere survival, which coupled with education, opened the way for the exploration of self. One quested to understand how one fit into the created order and to identify one's own suffering with that of Jesus. The personal tragedies of life became the stuff of meditation and the means of identification with God's gift of sacrificial love on the cross. Erin writes: "I think it interesting that Christ had to fall in order to carry us as we fall."

Artist Information

Born in Louisville,Ky and growing up in Seattle,Wa I've always
enjoyed color and creating. As a high school student I earned a
number of awards for portfolio and scholarship. As a teenager
I created and marketed paper jewelry and was able to apply the
earnings toward an educational program in Italy.

I attended Mount Holyoke College, MA and majored in Fine Arts
with a minor in African Studies. My junior year I traveled to
Nigeria, West Africa for a study Abroad program with The School for International Training, VT. International travel is part of my blood as a grandchild of Baptist Foreign Missionaries who spent 35 years in Nigeria.

Since college I have taught childrens' art classes, worked in an artist co-op, have shown work in galleries, caf⁄'s and marketed architectural paintings to medical offices. My passion is to develop an international exchange between Artist Episcopalians. I have three children, and am married to an Episcopal priest. I live in VA but consider myself more of a New Englander.

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Erin McGee Ferrell
 Simon Carr | Victor Challenor
The Church of the Advent, Spartenburg, SC

Curator’s Corner


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