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Loren Baker

Sandra Bowden

Gurdon Brewster

Nancy Chinn

Kate Curry

Donald Forsythe

Erica Grimm-Vance

Edward Knippers

Krystyna Sanderson

Mary Trent Scott

Susan Kelly vonMedicus





image of "Renewal"

Renewal from Pilgrim Journey Series
Kate Curry
mixed media

Renewal is one in a series of cross images that are a reminder of the stages of the artist's life, her journey on earth. They were originally pages in an unbound book.

In a Christian context the cross is a reminder of life and death and new life. Using the collage technique allowed Kate the opportunity to tear up pieces of handmade paper as well as portions of her old paintings and fabric from her daughter's quilts. These materials then became symbols of new life.The layering technique imitated the layers of life experience and memories which were collected on the journey.

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