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You are welcome to view the exhibition in any order.

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Curator's Statement

Artist List

Loren Baker

Sandra Bowden

Gurdon Brewster

Nancy Chinn

Kate Curry

Donald Forsythe

Erica Grimm-Vance

Edward Knippers

Krystyna Sanderson

Mary Trent Scott

Susan Kelly vonMedicus





Curator's Statement

The title for our first online exhibition is taken from the first verse in the 11th chapter of the book of Hebrews: faith is the "substance of things hoped for." We hope these images will open the door and whet your appetite for the things that are to come.

Over the last twenty years there has been a quiet renaissance slowly emerging in the recesses of the church. Many have been working, gathering, networking and struggling to be artists of faith. For the most part the church has been unaware that so many fine artists are hiding in their midst. But the time is ripe for the artists to become visible, to have their creative offerings and insights used in the life of the church.

Substance of things hoped for gathers the work of artists from within the Episcopal Church who are working in a wide variety of media and different styles: installations that are part of the liturgical space, icons which are used for devotion, and many pieces that reflect a more personal expression in response to the artist's life in Christ. The few pieces in this exhibition only touch the surface of what is available. The church is rich with talent, and we are eager, over the course of time, to give these artists the opportunity to share their unique perspective on the Christian faith and the world in which we live.

Please feel free to contact the artists directly. You are also invited to submit a question through this site.

Sandra Bowden, Exhibition Curator
Artist and President, Christians in the Visual Arts

©2001 The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts