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Ruth Tietjan Councell
Ioana Datcu 1  2  3 Doug Earle
Joel Haas
Nancy Jackson
Tony Morinelli
Catherine Parker
Vanessa Ruig
Kathy Thaden
Anne Wetzel
Elizabeth Williamson
Constance Wilson
Brian Winter
Becky Witsell



Advent through Epiphany 2003-2004

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Image : Councell


Ioana Datcu, 1 of 3

Oil on plexiglass

My paintings on Plexiglas and glass are inspired by the imagery and techniques of the 19th century tradition of Eastern European icons on glass. Often I use 2 or 3 layers of glass or Plexiglas to form an image sandwich. This makes it easier for me to introduce contemporary and personal thoughts into traditional settings. I think of icons in the context of devotion. Icons help common people live with hope and faith.

Icons, as spiritual visual expressions, create one of the most personal, intimate relationships with the viewer/worshiper. Through them the viewer/ worshiper could make known to himself and God the most concealed or secret thoughts and desires. Through them one can  feel forgiven and connected.

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