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  "May every heart prepare a throne"
("Hark! The glad sound!" Hymnal 1982 #71)
water color, ink, and pencil, December 2004
12x9.5 inches


The Rev. Kristy K. Smith

Advent is the season of hopeful waiting, a season of preparation for the Christ who comes and dwells with us and in us. That sense of hopeful waiting seems to constantly be the message I want to share with our crisis and terror-stricken world. I do that over and over as I speak my primary language using paint and pencils and ink.

The Hymn, "Hark! the glad sound" calls us to attention and to prepare a space in our lives for the Christ who is ruler of our hearts. My painting speaks of the clean, empty space we offer Christ and the childlike openness with which we are invited to meet Christ.

Kristy K. Smith is a priest who serves as a Spiritual Director and Artist in Des Moines, Iowa. She also facilitates retreats focusing on the use of art as prayer, and is working on a book of drawings for the liturgical readings. She lives with her husband, David and their 2 cats. They have a daughter living in Minneapolis and a son in L.A.

The Rev. Kristy K. Smith
Email: kristyks@juno.com

Parish: St. Andrew's, Des Moines, Iowa






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