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The Registry of Episcopal artists, individuals and organizations interested or working in the visual arts is intended to

  • create a community of Episcopal artists
  • to provide an online context in which artists can exhibit their work
  • encourage communication around art issues and the relationship of creativity and the church
  • provide a means through which artists can sell their work
  • encourage the growth of arts initiatives in the church
  • expand the imagination of churches
  • ... more, as we will discover

Artists are asked to register the media in which they work. We have included a standard list with the addition of forms particular to working in a church environment.

Organizations are asked to register only if they are directly associated with the Episcopal Church. For non-affiliated organizations, please contact info@ecva.org to be added to the Resources page.

Individuals are encouraged to register if they are working to develop interest in the visual arts and are willing to share what they have done.

Please choose your category and fill in as much information as you are willing to have publicly available. Please note that some fields are required.

Send questions to registry@ecva.org.



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