General Convention 2006 was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. The daily worship services took place in Exhibit Hall C, a 98,000 square foot space with a seating capacity of 8,000. The videos each based on the daily themes were projected onto screens erected on either side of the platform containing the altar.

The videos were projected three times during the service
during the procession, during the Eucharist, and for the closing. Nine images were selected by the Worship Design Committee and the Office of General Convention and used as fixed images projected during the daily liturgy when the videos were not being viewed. Live music was provided for the service and to accompany the videos. Since General Convention, music has been added to the videos. The intent of the videos was to create an atmosphere for meditation and reflection using visual images and music.


The Videos

"Collect - For Artists and Musicians"

Day 1
, June 13
"Gracious Spirit"

Day 2, June 14
"Spiritual Sight"

Day 3, June 15
"For She is the Breadth . . ."

Day 4, June 16
"Friendship with God"

Day 5, June 17
"Bread of Life"

Day 6, June 18
"God's Work"

Day 7, June 19
"Love Astounding"

Day 8, June 20
"Wisdom of God"

Day 9, June 21
"All Things in Christ"

Video editing
by Dan Hardison

Music Contributors


The videos were created as streaming media and require RealNetworks RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to view the videos. The RealPlayer software can be downloaded free from RealNetworks. The Windows Media Player software can be downloaded free from Microsoft.

  Photos provided by Brie Dodson  



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2006 The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts