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Brother Anthony-Francis



This is image No.7 of a series entitled, “A View From Within”

This image was inspired by a vision of a great fire while vacationing in Florida. This vision carried with it a "knowing" of my home being burned to the ground by the time I would return to New York. One week later I arrived home and at the end of that week, my church burned to the ground.

I became consumed with a desire to create an image showing the Holy Spirit amid the ashes. The thought of using a prism to create form entered my mind. We can say, that Jesus is to God what a prism is to light; making visible what is invisible. I began working my lighting and prisms moving them intuitively in an arena of “timelessness.” What I was seeing through my camera was very exciting. I was at ground zero, nothing else existed. Nine images were created - nothing to do with ashes.

In this finished image, contrary to a traditional Piéta showing the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the dead body of her son across her lap, you see Mary leaning over her son, but instead of the historical figure of Jesus you see a positive confirmation of her embracing the Eternal shown as the Flames of the Holy Spirit and the Light of the Living Christ. What might have been devastation for her becomes reinforcement of her faith and also confirms her unsevered relationship with the Almighty.