Judith McManis



God Numbers the Stars

Great Dossal for St. Paul's Cathedral, Burlington, VT
30' x 18' Series of 27 acrylic-on-canvas panels with
applied metallic stars. Mounted on 1/15/2010


The two quotations: "God numbers the stars and calls them all by their names." and "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." embody the deep desire by both God and humans to matter to each other. In the first, God affirms that each and every one of us is recognized by name. In the second, humans are reminded that by seeking God, we will regain our strength.

This dossal, was designed for the time between the Nativity and Ash Wednesday, a time marked by darkness, visitors from afar and a cosmic 'knowing' that comes upon us. We are made of the same dust as the stars and even on Ash Wednesday, when we face the reality of returning to that dust, we know that God has further plans for us is the great scheme of things. God recognizes us, bidding us to renew our strength, and return to our relationship with the Sacred. The power of that invitation is part of our Baptismal experience, confirmed at Epiphany and sustains us for the days to come.